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I am at the point that I want to put labels above the push buttons on the front of my layout that briefly describe what the button does (the front of the layout is vertical if that helps). I am not sure how to label the three buttons that control the #164 Log Loader. The functions are dump the logs from the car, run the motor that lifts the logs up the loader, and dump the logs onto a waiting car. I am not sure these are the best labels but I was thinking of:

  1. Dump (to dump the logs from the car)
  2. Load (to run the motor that lifts the logs up the loader)
  3. Unload (to unload the logs into a waiting car)

Are these the "appropriate" labels? I could rationalize that Dump and Unload could be swapped and still make sense. Load could also be labeled On or Run.

btw: I am probably going to use the same labels for the #97 Coal Elevator.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Great accessory!  

I would consider using: 

1. Unload Car (to dump the logs from the car into the accessory)

2. Conveyor (to run the motor up that lifts the logs up the loader)

3. Load Car (to load the logs into the waiting car)


How are you making the labels? Label maker? Printing from computer? etched in aluminum? carved in stone?  

I'm curious because I plan to make some labels soon and I always like to see what others are up to.  Thanks!

I am purchasing them on Amazon:

They are a bit pricey at $5 each but you can get any text in up to three lines and a variety of colors and fonts. I got a gold color with black text and I think they look pretty good. You can specify how they get mounted and I chose miniature screws with scalloped corners on the label.

I like your idea of including the word car in the text so it says more precisely what it does. I had temporarily taped some paper labels to the layout to see how they would work. Invariably the coal got dumped onto an empty track when someone meant to dump the coal from the car. I'm not sure I like the word conveyor so I'll see if I can come up with something else.


phrankenstign posted:
Richie C. posted:

FWIW, I bought an inexpensive label maker at Staples and printed some out on thin white tape. I have also used the metallic gold and silver badges with black printing and self-adhesive backing from Crown Awards, but not for the layout.TOGGLE 2 

Just out of curiosity, why did you number them backwards?

I never really thought about it being backwards. When standing at the control panel, the sidings are to my left past a city street and buildings, double main lines, and a mountain tunnel and difficult to differentiate. I figured the siding closest to me would be #1, then next closest #2, and so on all the way out to #8 which is the farthest away and laid out the numbers accordingly.YARD 12


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