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@Bill W posted:

Our new building will have 750 dedicated Air Condition space for a layout and work area, how would you divided up the space.

Seven hundred fifty what?  What is the shape? What features do you want on your layout?  Turntable?  Engine service area?  Industrial spurs?  Minimum diameter curves? These influence the shape and size of your layout.  What tools will be in the work area?  How large of a work table/desk do you want?   John

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I would consider some form of around the walls with the work shop in the middle.   Perhaps isolate the workshop with partitians and run a stub peninsula along 2 walls for an industrial area or stub passenger terminal.

Another option if the space is rectangular, put the workshop centered at one end and run the track through the shop against the wall, again along the walls layout.  

You get the most square footage of layout in a given area if you go around the walls with 2-3 wide "shelves" vs making an island in the middle that is 4-6 ft wide (twice the shelf width).

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