Since I think I am going to have to yank up all my track to run more power drops. I figured it might be a good time to think about possibly redesigning my current track plan. I will include what I currently have and the dimensions of my bench work.


On the benchwork (labeled TrainTableExact) diagram there are some brown rectangles that roughly correspond to a false wall I plan on putting a backdrop on. It is not exact but very close.

I have attached the scarm files and jpegs of my current layout plan. I have 0-72 Min curves. I also run DCS and Legacy only.

TrainTableExact FinalLayoutWTrackPlans

This by no means is 100% permanent when we are able to clear out everything in my basement I plan on redoing for a bigger train layout. It just might take a few years to get to this point.


Yes I do plan on getting a turntable in the future.


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I have a few questions:

  1. You can only reverse from one directions;
  2. Can you tunnel through the columns?
  3. Where are the access points? Bottom side? Inside right right loop?
  4. Do you want/need storage tracks for cars?


Yes I can only reverse from one direction usually by backing up the train over that area.

The trains normally run clockwise direction

No I am unable to tunnel through the columns. They are full on brick walls not very easy to get through them. The only access points would be the bottom right (with no brown rectangle and shows 177" long), and I have got out an access hatch in the right side of the oval, in that big open area.

I would like storage area for cars. I am not sure if that is possible in the constraints of my table.

I may at some point do a "room" diagram so there is a better representation of where it is at. Most of the time the longest train I run is a N&W 611, and the 5 passenger car set that MTH put out a couple of years ago with 5 cars.

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