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I am going to change my layout to around the room and I'm looking for feedback and ideas on anything I can do different.  I am using Gargraves track and Ross switches.  I am redoing my layout so I can have O72 curves.  I also want more yard storage/staging.  I hit the limit in the free version of Scarm but the top 4 tracks will be connected - 2 mainline and 2 yard.  Attached is my Scarm layout file.  Appreciate any and all ideas!


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OK, let's start with a little more information.  Why is the room configured like it is, not square or rectangular like most rooms?  What are the interferences inside the room (windows, doors, ventilation, plumbing, electrical, etc.)?  Do you plan to include scenery (if so, you might have to reduce amount of track)?  Providing this info will help us help you.

Finally, just one comment about current plan; how will you reach and maintenance issues (derailments, track cleaning, etc.) in upper right corner?  Most designers recommend a "reach" of no more than 30 inches.


This is a bedroom and I took the doors off the closet (right side). The bottom right is where the door is and it swings into the room.  I have the bridge on an angle so I can maintain O72 on the outside loop.  I may do scenery but I’ll work around the track. I want a lot of track so I can run 2 trains and do some switching. If I have to reach the back corner I will get on the table. I have a similar scenario with current layout and it hasn’t been an issue.

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