This is the first expansion of the layout in years.   I wanted to expand the main line and bring it into the middle of the room, add some really long staging tracks to hold long trains and add another yard, a turntable and roundhouse. 


Its slowly coming890C0FA1-029D-4517-A4CE-217EA361035169F379E0-FE92-4F43-BCF8-58633D6D53A6AB5E728B-C4A8-43F6-8223-DA466A3ABDE887A7896B-541F-470A-A2D8-A1331709DD031371ABAD-EDB6-45CB-B175-EA41559692BC70FAE148-C5C1-4C8D-BDAD-E2AFDAE77C4A233BF118-5009-42DD-B0F6-FF64230AA4DAE0BA6CCD-AD2A-4023-A72D-8EE98D89AC3A together. 


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Progress today. I ran power to the yard lead and inserted switches to connect the yard lead to the main.  I also inserted a switch to lead to the turntable.  I reinstalled the turntable. It was a major undertaking to get it level with the tracks.  It’s not perfect all the way around but those fine adjustments are for another day. I included a video of some progress and the first engine on the turntable. 


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Looks like you are having a great time...thats the important part. Nick

No such thing as over kill-do it RIGHT.                                                                                                                             

luvindemtrains posted:

Until now, I didn't realize the Atlas roundhouse had flooring. I bought mines used and that was not included.


That’s funny.   I wish I had built mine without it as it raises the track, which has required raising it on the approach tracks too 

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