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@Lionnnn posted:

Hiya Rich!

Stunning railroad obviously. The detail and the diversity...just gorgeous. You obviously have plenty o cash to spend.

Thing is, I've been with the tools for decades and I've never seen a job quite like yours. So clean. Tools looking like they were placed, and not left or set for the next day.

My question is this: Did you build it with your hands or did you hire out to someone to build it for you?



Thanks for the note.  I have been building the layouts for over 12 years, progress goes in bursts.  Generally I build everything myself.  Of course I didn't build the MTH buildings, but most are built from kits or scratch built/ kit bashed.  I built the benchwork and did all the tracklaying and wiring. I have purchased a few buildings at trains shows, and on line, but I would say that 95% of what you see is simply me plodding along over time.

Your observation on clean is in part correct. I then to build first, and go back and add more weathering and details.  In many of the cases I have not made the rounds of junk and details.

For me the scenery is the more interesting part of the hobby.  I don't collect or amass a large number of trains or rolling stock.

As always comments and suggestions welcome.

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