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Nicely done.  Good blend of track, scenery and activity.


I am particularly interested in the trestle show in the picture below.  Did you make it, have it made for you or purchase it from some company? The bridge is unusual and has terrific detail.


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Originally Posted by dk122trains:

Great stuff they never get boring

Ditto!!! Layout photos are always great. You can often find something you can use in some form on your own layout. Once in a while you see things you may want to avoid even......but always something you can use. THANKS


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Thanks all for the kind compliments.


DennyM:  Overall area is about 32'x24'

Alex:  We'll arrange that soon.

Wood:  The bridge was made by a guy that is no longer in business, but I'm pretty sure the folks at the NJ Hirailers have the capability to reproduce it.  You could contact Ben, bluelinec4 for info.

Pat Marinari


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Wood:  The bridge was made by a guy that is no longer in business, but I'm pretty sure the folks at the NJ Hirailers have the capability to reproduce it.  You could contact Ben, bluelinec4 for info.


Thanks Pat,  I am going down there next month and I'll check with Ben

Beautiful stuff Pat.  I look forward to seeing your layout again in a couple months.  Someday we'll have to twist your arm and take some video of the layout.  Folks, as photogenic as Pat's layout is, a photo will never show you one of its most outstanding features.  Operationally Pat's layout is a work of art and a testimonial to his fine craftsmanship.  Its a layout where you can actually work switching jobs at prototypical speeds without trouble.  At least, without trouble caused by the trains.  The crazy people Pat allows to operate; we're a different story.

Hi Pat, the day I find a layout like yours boring is the day I find another hobby.

It all looks great, but I really love the shot of the waterfall from under the arch bridge.

Also as stated above the vignettes are all well balanced and interesting to look at.




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Love the subway - fluorescent lighting is a classy touch. As soon as I can convince MTH to offer the London Underground I will install mine. Seriously, nice layout. Great work. I am sure you enjoy it.


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Pat....could you PLEASE bore us some more!!  I like being bored...  All kidding aside, Pat and Jean's layout is a work of art.  I had some train friends over this weekend one of which traveled over 120 miles.  We watched OGR's Great Layout Adventures volume 8 which has Pat and Jean's layout featured.  If you haven't seen the video, you are in for a treat!!



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Thank you all for the kind comments.  We have had a great time building & operating our layout and especially enjoy sharing it with friends.


Yes, Dennis, there is a Pat & Jean's Jewelry store.  


Chris:  Let's talk @ York.  I'm sure we can arrange something.

Pat Marinari


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I believe I've seen Marty Fitzhenry refer to your layout Pat as "one of the best, if not THE best layout he's seen". I can't say much more than that as Marty hit the bullseye! I've always admired your layout and wish you'd post more photos. It is a work of art. 

Your layout look fabulous, which leads me back to the question I've asked many times over........


With all these fantastic layouts ( many belonging to members of this forum), why don't we have more videos (DVD or Blu-Ray) from OGR or anyone else for that matter?????????? Come on people, get your gear out there and shoot some footage!


When is the next "Great Layout Adventures" coming out?? There's a handful of layouts that have been presented on this forum but yet no new videos!

People you have to see this layout in the flesh.  It is breathtaking.







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What a big difference from the last pics I saw on the forum that were just benchwork and track when you had a group over to see the lay-out several years ago. Every time I think of the chip snack place right below you I think of your lay-out. Would like to be invited to see it some day; I have a brother-in-law that talks of his favorite movie star as a WOW!  All I can say about your lay-out is WOW, WOW, WOW!

Thanks again for all the kind compliments.


FloydS: The Liberty Liner is a 3rd Rail model from 6 or 7 years ago.  A run of 40 pieces, I was told.  


LaidOffSick:  I learned when OGR did the video of our layout what a tremendous amount of work is involved.  Rich Melvin & Jim Barrett spent 2 full days at our house shooting video and I suspect that about as much time went into editing, dubbing voice overs, etc. to produce about 20 minutes of final layout video.  Add to that a day traveling each way and you have almost a week to produce 1/3 of a DVD,  and they do a a magazine, too.

Pat Marinari


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