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Looking at putting my layout design down on paper, so to speak, and out of my head. I see some people like SCARM, and some like Any Track.  CAD software is not a problem for me. My big concern is I don't want any additional third party software to come with it. Had a Driver Updater installed with the free version of SCARM, I went back and deleted it all, including the FREE trial of SCARM. If I pay for it, do I still get the additional garbage?

Looking for the software to: identify pcs of Fastrack and switches, accurately layout the design so I'll know it fits, be able to use appropriate size shapes for building and structure for placement planning, ....... and last and ;east important - be able to run a train on the design.

Any thoughts?

Thanks again in advance for your help.



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The developer of SCARM frequents this forum and is open to suggestions for improvement.  I have downloaded different versions of SCARM over the years and never received any "unwanted" 3rd party software with it.  HOWEVER, you do have to choose the proper download link from his site because he does make money by advertising (and hosting links for) other software vendors.  Whether you pay for it or use the "free" version, I suspect that if you click on the wrong link, you will get the unwanted software.

Another tip; when installing any downloaded software, if given the choice, choose to custom install what you want.  Further, read all screens (all the way to the bottom of each page) to make sure you don't accidentally "accept" said unwanted supplemental software.

Oh, and by the way, the other free to use (but limited version) track planning software is Anyrail.


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