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Here's the series of stages to building the Woolworth building from River Leaf Models. The kit was relatively straight forward construction and that left a lot of room for detailing. I didn't want to overdo it but added a few things not included with the kit. The building will not necessarily be a feature piece on the layout but when spotted it will certainly garner memories from viewers as it does for me. I'm not sure what is going on with Andre because there's another building I would like to get from him. Most of the items on the site show on backorder and he hasn't been responding to emails. Hope he is ok.

First several pics show parts and assembly steps. Then there are photos with the building completely assembled. I show both sides and the front of the building. Nothing happening with the back, at least for now. Lastly, I have a photo of it on the layout. Not sure if this will be its home but I needed to get it off the workbench.

Lastly, you can watch the build on my latest YouTube video.

Thanks for stopping by.


O Scale Woolworth 1

O Scale Woolworth 2

O Scale Woolworth 3O Scale Woolworth 4O Scale Woolworth 5O Scale Woolworth 6

O Scale Woolworth 8O Scale Woolworth 9O Scale Woolworth 10O Scale Woolworth 11O Scale Woolworth 12O Scale Woolworth 13


Fabulous work as usual.    I am taking lots of notes on this project in particular.  I bought the same building from River Leaf in the S.S. Kresge variant.  You know the one I'm going to build, right?  On the corner of Market & Fifth?  My grandfather (the same one that bought "porgies" at Baker's Market) would take me in there for pistachios and cashews on our little bus trips to Steubenville.

Keep up the great work.

And no, I've not given up on Highland and Superior.  It's just on hold while I wrestle this Open Hearth mill into existence.  It's a huge project and taking much longer (and more resources, i.e. $$$) than I expected.


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Peter-Thank you. I'm hoping that someone will chime in to at least let us know Andre is ok.

John-Thank you. I really like adding things, to the layout, that many of us can relate to or in this case, remember.

Tom-Thanks again! If you feel that way then goal accomplished, as I like to create memories on the layout.

George-Thank you. We had a few of these 5 and 10 stores, some in the same block McCrory's, Woolworth, etc. Also, no problem on the Highland project. I'm                     the same way. I start a project and many times don't finish it because I go start another and it takes more time than I originally thought. I have a                         short attention span so this usually yields better results when I come back to the original project. Please post photos when you get to your kit.


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Dave, your work still is Amazing! I don't have room really for many more buildings, but pleanty of room for some flats and I am sure I could use the same method on them. When I get some free time, I am going to sit down and watch your video! Thanks for posting your skills for everyone to learn from!

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