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I am in he middle of an overhaul of a u shaped layout on a 4 ft wide by 30 ft platform  I am replacing O-27 on the second level with o gauge.  I have the traditional 36 degrees curves for my ends. To have two loops on the same grade I feel I also need 72 degree.  Make sense?

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Am interested to know if I can have two sets of curve next to each other on  one end   if one is 36 degreees and the other is 72 degrees will the 36 fit inside the 72 and will the 72 extend over the edge of a four foot wide bench.. thanks.  I do not currently own any 72 degree to confirm. 

Just for future reference, in O-Scale, the "number" of the curve represents the rough diameter in inches , so an O-72 curve is about 72 inches in diameter and obviously would only fit inside a table top of slightly more than 72 inches wide.

I use terms like rough and slightly because it depends which track you are using and whether the diameter is being measured from centerline to centerline of the track or not. Plus, you generally want to leave some space between the outside edge of the track and the layout top edge, especially if you install edging.

So, in the above example of an O-42 recommendation, if that distance is measured from the centerline of the track (the middle rail) and it's 1.5 " from the centerline to the outside of the ties or molded roadbed, you're now up to 45" for the total width. Add another 1.5" on both sides for clearance and you're right at 48".

If you happen to be using Fastrack, an O-31 curve will not fit inside an O-36 curve unless you add an extension piece or pieces to the O-36 curve to spread it out.

Hope this helps.

Great help from both of you on my layout question.   I am committed to using only Lionel o Gauge since I have so much of it.  I have  an area that I am redoing from 027 track. the actualmeasurement is more like 42 inch width and 16 ft long.  Two 90 degree and one 45 degree crossover i have as well as 5 o22 switches. I would like to have a loop that starts on the table and rises up  to  A second level.  I know a lot to use in a small space.  thanks

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