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i am attaching a photo of a layout I am proposing to build.  This is kind of the general.. idea, I’m using 0 gauge tube track.   I need a little advice on operating.  How many sections would I need to operate this, if I just plan to stop the train manually that trails into the crossover.  Ban I get away with only 2, one for each loop?

And  if I graduate to making this some type of automatic stopping, how many would I need?

would I need to isolate ot insulate the crossovers for 2 train operations?


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You need to give more details such as the size of layout you want to build and type of operation you want to use such as conventional, DCC. etc.

With just crosses and not switches I would layout what you end up with temporarily on the floor and operate it.  I think if your decide on conventional control you are set for lots stopping and starting and lots of wrecks.


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Thank you Choo Choo Charlie.  

The exact geometry is going to be 6 x 10 or 6 x 12.   Using 031 curves, my and my friend are just going to try to start from this point and then add in the Lionel operating accessories to make it automatic as our expertise accumulates.  He has a KW XFMR, and want to utilize running 2 trains.  Our first question was knowing if we can operate using 2 lock-ins before we make this thing more complex.  

Are you planning to run the two trains independent of each other? If so I think you might need to isolate the two power circuits going through the crossover.   Look underneath and see if there is a metal strap connecting the middle rails of each side.

Back in the early 90s I designed a circuit board for a man in Indiana that monitored the trains on a layout with two 90 degree crossings that would prevent a collision.  You have to put some insulated track sections in and lock the engines in forward direction only.  I didnt know what kind of engines or current draw he would have so I used four relays to control the trains and the track power.

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