We were blessed today by a visit from George, Pam & Minnie during their vacation to Maine. Our Forum is made up of some of the nicest folks on the face of the earth and this family ranks among the best. Our day started out with a boat trip around our lake on a beautiful Sunday afternoon and then it was on to our layouts. First up was the Polar Express and then off to the layout in the barn. We capped off the day with lobster for dinner.


Their visit was a real treat for us. We had a great time talking trains and sharing our dog stories. Cody and Minnie were very well behaved and both enjoyed the boat ride. 


We will see them again at the York Meet and hopefully next summer for a return trip.



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No doubt in my mind that you, Elizabeth and Cody made George, Pam and Minnie feel right at home.  Your beautiful home and layouts are a must see for any forum members.  The closest I will get this year is watching "North Woods Law", a series on Game Warden Service in Maine.  But next year might be a different story.


Lady wants to get a ride in Brian's boat someday.  I'm sure Cody and Minnie had a great time out on the lake.


Steve and Lady


"Texas Special - On the Katy Route"



  PAM and I and our dog MINNIE would like to thank you for a wonderful afternoon at your house.  We talked about it all the way home, and can't wait to return to your great state of Maine next summer.  Your layouts are so beautiful, and pictures do not serve them justice.  You just have to stand there in awe of the detail it took to construct them.  The four hours we spent there just went by so quickly.  The boat ride on the lake was a real treat too, we just loved it.  It seems that when talking trains the time just goes by so quickly, but it is great to get informed on the different techniques you and Elizabeth used to construct your layouts.  We were dazzled by the Polar Express layout along with your Passenger Train Layout.  Two layouts that the both of you are truly proud of. A special thank you to ELIZABETH for feeding us the lobster rolls.  They were just great and filled us up for our trip home.  Thank you BRIAN, and can't wait til YORK to catch up with you and ELIZABETH.


 Any forum member going to Maine this IS a highly recommended stop if you want to see two beautiful layouts by two of the BEST people in out hobby!!!

Stay frosty my friends,


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