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I have filed the inside edge of the point END to a chisel edge, but the 0-8-0 still climbs up the point like a ramp wanting to head straight instead of making the turn.  Not happening with the other locos or the cars, just the 0-8-0 LC engineClimb and Derail.

I could file the inside edge like a wedge thus eliminating the "ramp" on the point, but then if it doesn't work I have to order a new point so has anyone had this experience and found a solution?

I have a wheel gauge on order to check that and there is no way to add a straight ahead of the switch on this layout.   The curve ahead of the 048 switch is an 048 15 degree curve.




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@SteveH posted:

John, I think you're almost there.  Filing a bit more off of the entire length of the tapered part of the outside point should fix it.  Here are some pics of one of the O48 RH switches I've modified for this scenario for an outbound curve leading directly into the points end of a switch.

O48 Top viewO48 Inside view

Oh, OK Steve.

So the filed area is actually rounded the way it looks in the top photo instead of beveled.  Just ordered a set of points (and a few other things) just in case.  Will do that in the AM tomorrow.

Thanks as always,


EDIT:  Didn't order the points.  They are unavailable.

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The problem is the straight wheel alignment of the 0-8-0 and a curve right before the switch. This has nothing to do with the points on the switch as you have them as close as possible already. The engine wants to keep going the way it is pointed in the curve. The simple solution is to place a 5.5" straight before the switch. I have experienced this several times and the straight track always corrects it. good luck

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Broke the attachment hook off the left hand point (the one I was filing).  Part Number 610-2065-006.

It is unavailable from Lionel and I am not having any luck locating it.  I'll post in the wanted section of the forum otherwise I will have to try and find another 048 RH switch.  My fault for being careless.


EDIT:  Called Lionel.  They actually did have them and because I bought it directly from them they are sending me the part for free.  They are great.

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It appears you have a curved section of track leading into that switch,   I had a similar situation with derails or splitting the switch.  Resolved by adding a straight section before the switch.    There were two other issues in my track system.   One was when running conventional the switch didn't get enough current to fully throw.

The other was a mechanical issue where I found a plastic burr was in the switch mechanism.   I opened the bottom of the switch,  cleared the tiny obstruction and every thing has been fine ever since.

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