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OK, let's cover the basics:

#1 if a new engine, does it respond to ID1? In other words, you cannot change it, but it is receiving and responding to a TMCC signal. or, in a rare case, you changed it to something other than 1 previously and just cannot change it now.

The reason for asking question 1 is, the TMCC radio is a daughtercard that is vertically soldered to the main board. I have seen instances where those solder joint were cracked and possibly traces and solder pads ripped rendering no TMCC operation because the radio board is no longer connected. It doesn't take much force pulling or pushing on the antenna plug at the top of this board to put large forces on the solder joints.

#2 Are you using a CAB2 remote? Is so, are you sure the ID slot number you are using is not set for command type of Legacy- since this engine cannot understand legacy formatted commands, including the set button.


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