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I don't own one myself but I've run one and it's very smooth with good slow-speed control and plenty of roller pickups to prevent stalling on switches.  With a flywheel it coasts nicely too.  One "con" is that it's a little oversized- bigger than a full-scale model would be.  (I have the MTH Premier A5 and it's tiny, almost dainty by comparison.)  I think the LionChief version still looks fine with scale-sized freight cars; not as much so with "traditional" or O27 size.  Hope this helps!

Just received my LC+ PRR A5 and it's impressive! Beautiful details such as a sliding roof vent and movable cut bar.

Yes it is large and heavy, almost dwarfing my Polar Express baby Berk but it runs great. Power pickups on the tender let it move slowly and smoothly through the turnouts and crossovers.

Bluetooth functions perfectly and controls the smoke fan.

The rear coupler operation is a bit flaky but seems to be getting better as it runs.

I'd love a functional back up light but at these prices it's a great value.

I have the NYC A5 and overall I’ve been very impressed. This was my first loco without an e-unit and I was skeptical.  It was a great buy and a ton of fun to run.  I’ll share my experience with it thus far. 


nice details

heavy feel to it, metal tender

runs great with remote, app, and transformer

Very good low speed control for spotting cars at operating track

good puller, smooth and strong

front and rear remote couplers are awesome

can control top speed from app, then give the controls to 3 yr old

nice smoke output 

nicely detailed running gear/side rods (although maybe not prototypical)

Cons (some opinion here):

no backup light

no firebox light

2 chuffs per revolution

speaker sound for chuffs is a little tinny (similar to alarm clock radio sound quality) I cant compare to other locos as this is my first loco with sound.

Running on 031 curves, I have Had intermittent issues with the headlight. The wire between loco and tender seems really crammed in there, perhaps causing issues with the connection. 

I have some smoke fan noise (high pitch whirling) Not sure if this is normal or not  

None of those are real deal breakers, but it helps to know what you’re purchasing.



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