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My 1862 General set came with a baggage car, passenger car, and a staked flat car with horses. There never have been box cars in those sets, IIRC. The actual train that was hijacked (trainjacked?) at Big Shanty had stopped to allow the passengers to get lunch, so passenger cars are appropriate. The train needs a couple of boxcars to be authentic to the event. Also, the Texas needs to run well in reverse, as that is the configuration for the pursuit. (Unless I am thinking of the Yonah, which was also involved. I need to look at the history books.)

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The very last time I saw Lou Caponi, we talked about add-ons for this set.  He wanted to do something special and different and not just copy previous "General" sets.  He passed away not long after that, and I guess the LCCA just decided to move on.

In any case, there have been plenty of W&ARR freight and passenger cars made by Lionel over the years (both modern and postwar), so assembling a couple of nice-looking consists for these engines would not be much of a problem.


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