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The Lionel Collectors Club of America (LCCA) will be hosting its 46th Annual Convention July 25-30, 2016 at the Kansas City Airport Hilton Hotel .  There will be lots of Lionel Trains, real trains, home layouts, local tours and fun activities for the entire family to enjoy.  Please visit the convention section of our website for more detailed information.  

 Club members who sign up for the home layout tour will have an opportunity to visit with and experience LCCA member Don Miller’s home operating layout.  Here's a glimpse of Don’s layout.


We hope you enjoy this exclusive LCCA video production.  Don, thank you for opening up your home and allowing us to share your layout with others 

There is still time to register and attend our great, family friendly, convention in KC!   I guarantee you will have fun!   If you are not a member of the LCCA, Join today on our website.

Don’t miss out on all of the fun!

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@AlanOGauge posted:

Does anyone have contact information for Don Miller? I have a question regarding an article he wrote for the May 2011 issue of CTT. Thanks   Alan

Just wondering about the etiquette for this.  It looks like he is listed in the TCA and LCCA directories, but I don't think it's appropriate to divulge that information to a non-member without the member's consent.

IMO, access to the roster a good reason (among many) to be a member of at least one of the national train clubs.

Got it, did not realize that my membership to LCCA also allowed access to contact information. Found the e-mail and sent the inquiry.

While I'm here, will ask the question I sent to Don. Article was written in May 2011, A pair of Lionel 153IR controllers prevents crashes on a simple dogbone track plan

The article mentions.......   With this in mind, I developed a simple track plan and circuit to automatically control two trains using a pair of Lionel no. 14111 “153IR” controllers. The 153IR controller was intended for use with low-current (1-amp maximum) accessories. To avoid topping this limit, I suggest using locomotives with a single, low-draw can-style motor. If you do use this circuit with other locomotives, you’ll need to first install a relay between the 153IR and the track power

It puts into plain English what to do, makes it easier for someone like me that simply does not have the knowledge when it comes to adding relays.

Since my engines are postwar, late 40's early 50's I have to assume a relay is necessary, if I am correct they would draw 3 amps +- each. There was no schematic or mention of what type of relay to use. I am thinking a basic cube relay, similar to an automotive type with four posts, any thoughts.   Thanks   Alan   


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