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I've got the 6-18876 CNW Fairbanks-Morse H12-44 with TMCC and Pullmor motor.  The engine stopped responding to Horn/Bell and other sound commands in TMCC mode.  They still sounded in conventional mode.  I bought a new LCRU2 last month (Lionel parts sale) since I figured that was the issue (both are Rev. C).  I expected to drop it in, reprogram the Engine ID# and the Engine Mode code and go, but nope.  The brand new LCRU2 behaves only as if in Conventional mode, even though I'm controlling everything with my Cab-1L Base and Powermaster.  Putting it in Program just makes it move as soon as power is applied with no neutral.  I checked the antenna, no issues with the rails on the body or the connection inside.  I even pulled all the Railsounds guts out to get it just down to the bare functions, but still no luck.

There's a component on the LCRU2 board in one corner, a boxy thing that has "COILS" stamped in it, some numbers printed on it, and clearly something inside that can be adjusted with a flat-blade.  It seems to be labeled L1.  I have never seen a description of what this is or does.  Is this related to the TMCC signal receiver and might be the solution to my problem?

P.S.  Thanks for those that helped me with my signal relay question.  I've got something working now, really ugly, but working well.

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The tuner coil in the corner of the LCRU2 adjusts the receiving frequency. They can drift out of spec over time, which could be your issue. It sounds like you've already checked the antenna, but check again that it isn't ground just to be sure.

In practice, however, the drifting doesn't happen all that much. You can try adjusting it with a flat blade screwdriver (with the power OFF), maybe in 1/8 increments clockwise or counterclockwise from where it is now. I wouldn't go beyond a 1/2 turn in each direction, as the coils are somewhat fragile. You're looking for either the board to start working in TMCC mode, or at least flash the headlight to indicate you're getting close with the frequency.

But here's a kicker... I too ordered some LCRU2's from Lionel during the half off sale. One worked just fine, but the other had the exact same issue as what you're describing. After fiddling with the coil a bit, I called Lionel today for an RMA.

Hope this helps-

@PaperTRW posted:

The tuner coil in the corner of the LCRU2 adjusts the receiving frequency...*SNIP*

That solved the control issue.  I had to turn it quite a bit, maybe 1 or 1.5 full turns, I didn't count.  The sound is still just motor revs, no response to commands.  I gave it LCRU2 code 1, I don't know if that is correct or affects the Railsounds.  I am going to try GRJ's suggestion to pull the chips and reset them.  PLCC Puller ordered...

While trying to get the sound to work, I moved the railsounds board slightly in case there was a short.  This produced the sound of voices talking, quietly as if not through the speaker.  Thought it was the CrewTalk but then the voice announced the callsign to a local AM radio station!  Dialed the tuner a bit more to get rid of it.

I'd seriously give consideration to upgrading that with the ERR AC Commander, you'll get much better low speed performance and 100 speed steps.

Yes, but if I go with an ERR upgrade, this loco goes to the back of the queue which is about a half-dozen long already.  And it seems since replacing the LCRU didn't fix my issue, I now have an extra one of those to work with.

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