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Hi folks,

I'm looking to wade into the LCS waters after having a Legacy Command Base for a number of years. Specifically, I'm looking to install the LCS Wi-Fi module.

In reading through the manual before I make the purchase of the Wi-Fi module (link here), I noticed on page 13 that the module can apparently only join an existing Wi-Fi network using WPS, and that the module (surprisingly) lacks an ethernet port entirely. This is rather shocking to me, as WPS has known security vulnerabilities such that my (and other modern) Wi-Fi hardware strictly prohibits any WPS connectivity whatsoever. 

Am I right in understanding that the only way an LCS Wi-Fi module can connect to an existing Wi-Fi network is via WPS? Or has a firmware update since the production of the manual (looks to be 5/2014) removed this restriction? As some of you may know, MTH's Wi-Fi module for TIU's permits both ethernet and conventional Wi-Fi authentication methods if one doesn't want to or can't leverage the WPS route.

I realize that I can have the module set up an ad-hoc network of its own, which I'm also loathe to do for a myriad of reasons, not the least of which is that I want to be able to switch between the DCS and LCS apps fluidly without having to network-hop.

I also realize that there may be a workaround in the form of temporarily configuring a WPS-compatible router to broadcast the same SSID with the same authentication scheme, to then join the LCS Wi-Fi module to that temporary router with WPS, and to then power that router off and let the production router take over, but I figured I should ask around and see if there's a way to do this a little more on the up and up first.

I'm really, really hoping that there's been a firmware update that permits a standard SSID/WPA2 password configuration via a web browser or through the app. Any such luck?

Thanks guys,


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