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I am curious if anyone has any input on why I find smoke fluid residue in the boiler and trucks? I have 2 Kline TCA GS4’s; both have either had problems with leaky smoke units or I am fixating for no reason.  I am wise about how much fluid I add and when I add it. I rarely ever exceed the half way point of the  Lionel premium 1mL dropper.  Both units puff harder than ever, do I really have a problem here? I took apart the smoke unit in one of my shelf Kline WP GS-6s and figured these older units are likely to leak a little bit.  Man…. Smoke units never fail to worry me.


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Well, one of two things, ….either the smoke unit itself isn’t sealed, or the top of the smoke unit’s exhaust isn’t quite making a good seal against the shell,…..the residue you’re seeing is more than likely the result of the smoke itself condensing back to liquid form, not a physical liquid leak.  It’s hard to tell from the pics if you’re saturated to the point you need to do something or not……This’ll depend on how much it worries you….if the residue is making a mess, ie; you’re constantly having to clean track, pilot trucks, drips hanging down, etc. then yeah, you’ll have to open them up. If it’s minimal, and presents no real added maintenance chores, then why let it worry you to death?… if the engines run good, and you’re happy with the smoke output, kick the tires, & light the fires….just occasionally wipe them down as best as you can with a lint free rag, …repeat…


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