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So I seem to have a unique opportunity in front of me. Yes I did purposely say buy for a reason. I stumbled upon a brass 2 rail mountain steamer (4-8-2) kit. I am wanting to both get back into this wonderful hobby and learn as much as I can, I am very tempted to purchase this.

Here is the thing though, I believe this is an older model, the seller says it’s All-Nation 1960.

So with that I mind. Granted it is my ultimate decision. This is what I am pondering and this will determine if I decide to purchase he model or not.

How hard/easy would it be to convert the loco from 2 rail to 3 rail operation?

How hard/easy would it be to upgrade the locomotive to run TMCC with sound?

Should I pain this locomotive or just leave it in the brass finish?

If I did a good job doing all this, would the value of the locomotive be increased?


Any feed back would be very much appreciated.

Thanks again, Greg

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I built several All Nation locos of this era.  The modifications and replacement parts to three rail this woud be significant.  There are so many three rail mountains out there that you could get one built for three rail much easier and cheaper.  The detail on these 1960 versions are pretty crude compared to todays standards.  I don't know what to tell you about TMCC.  How much does the electronics cost ?  I guess it would fit in the tender.   Your kit probably has a big open frame motor with it.  How ever you build this, get a can motor.  If you ever build this, it would probabaly be worth more and look better to paint it.  There is no extra value in having an unpainted All nations engine. 

Given what Astarr said, this strikes me as a losing proposition. My opinion is you really need to want to do all the work required on this thing. That doesn't even take into account all the money you'll have to throw at it. BTW, your TMCC costs will add over $200 depending on what you choose. Here's a link to 3rd Rail/ERR. Good luck!

I have a soft spot for the old AN Mountain.  It has no apparent prototype.  My impression is that a pristine kit and a well built model are of the same value - say $200-300.  That is why you will never see this kit offered commercially again.  Same is true of the other AN or Varney O Scale steamers,

If you look hard enough, you will see that Varney supplied 3-rail drivers and wheelsets.  That means 3-rail conversion could be trivial - but don't expect O-27 curves without grinding up that beautiful brass cylinder block and trashing the tail beam.

I got one from Downtown Hobbies in Chicago for $35 complete somewhere around 1990.  Let me see if I can find a photo or two.  

Yes, here are three:  The first was a casting I got in 1962 or so, combined with Lobaugh drivers and wood block tender - 1 1/8" gauge.  The second was the $35 deal from Chicago.  And the last one shows that the model is capable of some artistic changes - I extended the smokebox, modified the cab mount, and added a boxpok main driver - a credible, if not entirely accurate, SP GS-1:All Nation Doorstops 002All Nation Doorstops 004GS-1 #2


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