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First off, thank God for this forum and a good search function! I was able to quickly identify the cause of a stalling problem with a PS 2 GP9 and, after following a few of the diagnostic tips found in those old posts, resolved it by installing a BCR 2. Thanks in particular to Gunrunner, GGG and the late Barry Broskowitz for their guidance in the old topics I reviewed!

This particular engine (MTH 30-2979-1) has the 3 volt battery located beneath the board. To access it, the smoke unit must be removed along with several screws to allow the battery bracket to be rotated and the battery removed. Not a difficult job but…

For future reference with similar PS 2 engines; since the connection to the battery is easily accessible from the one side, would there be any issue simply disconnecting the old battery and leaving it in there while connecting the BCR 2 to the wiring harness? There is enough room for the BCR 2 even if the disconnected battery is left in the bracket.


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I have a very similar GP9 locomotive with the battery in the same location. Using an Exacto knife and needle-nose pliers, I was able to disassemble the battery one cell at a time and remove it that way. Took a little time but a mostly painless process. I also contemplated leaving the battery in with the BCR but space was tight and removing the battery was the best option.

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