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We recently installed whisker tracks to the roundhouse.  Each individual track will be wired to a toggle switch and to Atlas Block on a control board.  The plan is to have a Green LED light to show that whisker is live.

Can that LED be installed between the Toggle and the whisker track?

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Here is another alternative.  These track power indicator lights can be integrated into the track bumper.  These light poles can be purchased from a number of suppliers- these are from ebay and a seller named wehonest, yes, that is the name you can search.   If you do something like this you will need to include a resistor to make sure the LED receives the correct voltage and current.  Here is one of many possible links to a calculator for that.  All the wiring and resistor are located under the layout.

Here are the markers with the whisker track numbered.  I should have turned them on.


Here is mission control to turn on the desired whisker track.  "table" powers the track on the table and "turn" controls the rotation


A better shot of one of the led light poles.



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