LED lighting power source for 3 each 18 inch Pass and/or Obs O gauge cars.

Hi Guys.  Off the wall inquiry and way out of the box also. Up front, I'm enhancing my desk top.  I have a very nice decorated office area that I spend a decent portion of time on my 2 computers both for bus. & my time.  2 work desks also.   I now have a Strasburg, SF Atlas O and a 3rd rail SM Obs car on my desk top sitting atop of a piece of GG track.. 

My wants.  To light these three units.  I shall use Gunner's Kits in two of these units.  I shall contact Scott concerning current usage on the SM.  Thus said, I feel sure I shall need a AC input for these three units.  From there I think I need to convert to DC with the correct amt. of volts and amps to light my three units.  Please note, only 3 units with a 18" (more or less) string of LED's + the AC to DC step down.  Starting questions.

1.  input ac voltage?  Step down unit from ac to a variable dc. A ac supply unit small enough to cover my amp usage.

2. Not sure if I need input DCS AC voltage (what Vac Input AC)

3. How many amps will I need if I use DCS voltage. NOT A XFORMER.

4. My hardware list

Best regards.  I'm tired so I will let this simmer for awhile.



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Well, for the lighting kits I supply, any power AC or DC from 12 to 18 volts will be fine to operate those.  I'd probably consider a cheap wall wart, you can find tons of 12-18V DC ones on eBay for a couple of bucks to start.  The two with my kits in them can both be powered with less then 100ma.  You may even have a brick in your pile of unused power bricks, I save them when a device craps out.

I'm with GRJ on this. You probably have a suitable DC-output power adapter (wall-wart) lying around...or for a few bucks on eBay...much less $ than an AC-output adapter for the same Watts of power.  Most wall-warts have a coax/barrel plug - you can get an adapter (less than $1 on eBay) that converts the barrel/coax plug to screw-terminals so you don't have to cut/splice the wiring.  




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