Look at this product from Digi0Key: https://www.digikey.com/produc.../289-1316-ND/9975963

A 16 foot strip costs about $110. A 4 inch cutting from the strip has 6 LEDs on it. It is designed to run on 24VDC.

Can this run and look good on 18VAC (after suitable rectification)? The cost-per-car economics for the strip itself is good--thinking about passenger car lighting. But maybe once we add AC to DC conversion and other necessary (protection?) circuitry, it would not be.

So that's my question: Is this product suitable for our uses? Here is the app sheet: https://www.jkllamps.com/pdfs/JKL-AS-ZFS-LED-FLEX.pdf



Don M.

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A strip of 3528 cool white (4000 - 5000K) LEDs that is 5 meters long with power supply and dimmer goes for about $12 on amazon.  Search for Guotong.  A strip of 5050 cool white LEDs that is 5 meters long with no power supply or dimmer goes for $8.88 on amazon.  THe 3528 strip draws about 1.5 amps, the 5050 strip draws a little over 3 amps.

Amazon has a huge variety of choices.

Don, I checked my ebay history, a little over a year ago I bought 10 rolls of 12vdc, size 3528 warm white, cuttable 5 meter led strips for $31.80, shipped.  I’m sure a quick search would get you $5 to $10 a roll, or less.


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