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The upgrade is very easy and straightforward. The LED strip comes on a roll sold on Amazon. The LED strip can be cut to any length needed at the cut marks. The strips have Solder points at each cut mark. I removed all the Lionel light bulbs and solder two wires to one of the lamp sockets. I keep polarity with the track hot as positive and the negative as body ground. The two wires that come direct from the pickup rollers each get a 330 ohm resistor, this protects the LED’s that are rated at 12V. The body ground wire has a 150 ohm place on it.

very simple and the strip lighting is great.

these are the strips on Amazon:

Warm White LED Strip Light, Dimmable 3000K LED Light Strip Warm White, Super Bright LED Tape Light, for Bedroom, Kitchen, Closet, Cabinet, Vanity Mirror, Indoor Only, CT Capetronix(Dimmer Included).


Images (13)
  • B5F6CF63-D323-409F-BA8C-0F9BE85FCAD9
  • 4B73B59C-518E-478A-B59B-5BC57C2D9906
  • A71AC010-33F4-4545-BBF4-12DEDA47C95F
  • B5510CEE-02BA-4CEE-AA62-3D8C410C3727
  • 3F794FAA-90B1-43DB-8D62-A2B8D5F5BE98
  • 89F4559D-C4F9-44E2-9F3F-0CD83BEED215
  • CB57F530-9259-4F9F-976D-4732372F0417
  • BDE09E4B-4211-4A42-B65F-6C93D7A33734
  • 7C62D3B5-F96A-475F-BCC0-8634ED28214B
  • CF924682-92F6-4043-90E3-BA1B8D18CB11
  • 7FB331EB-0D98-495A-869B-55A5EB025019
  • 71439C77-CDBE-4474-A33F-E2404DDFABD5: Still bulbs
  • D3C40FE2-F29F-4998-BD3D-FD27F81762F4: With LED
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