According to Charles Ro and Trainworld the AF Berkshire will still be available next summer. I have preorders on the RF&P on both sites. Don't think I will have to worry about my credit card being hit on these items.

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Worth the wait. It will be better than the flyer chiefs that have no Engineer and fireman figures. Better looking coal load in the tender.

Legacy, handrails, detail. Sounds good.

I just moved into S scale and love it.

No more three rail. Looks so good. The size is perfect.

prices a little cheaper.


I just hope they arrive as previously described in posts from the first time around. I spoke with Will Holt of the NASG at Indy this year and he told me that there were cost cutting measures and they would not be the "full version" that was cataloged the first time. I have no idea if that is true or not and I would love to have Lionel comment and let us know exactly what we are getting, and when we can expect them.

I have mine on order. I hope I get what I think I'm getting. If they don't show up with all the details including Kadee coupler pads, 4 chuffs per revolution, add on rails, details, etc... I'll just ship them back. Would be nice to know before July of next year though.



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Maybe some of the Berks listed in the 2020 catalog 1 will offer the option of a lowered headlight pilot! There were CAD drawings showing the engineering on another older thread.


I don't think the gang at Lionel will mind...

FLB 02

FLB 01



To clarify, these drawings were posted by Dave Olson in a thread describing the previous run of American Flyer Legacy Berks that never shipped.


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I have mine on order also, I have The Polar Express, and a newer Bluetooth Southern Berkshire.   Version 2 is nicer than the original, and I am hoping the Legacy version comes in as advertised.

Charles Ro and Trainworld are still taking orders.  I also have been told by someone at Lionel that they are still taking orders, and hoping to meet a minimum order point.  Although I wasn't told what that order point is.


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richabr posted:

 I also have been told by someone at Lionel that they are still taking orders, and hoping to meet a minimum order point.



Past experience has shown that sometimes the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing at the ol' Circle L Ranch.

Unless something appears in writing, everything is rumor.

Whether or not if the Legacy Berks show up in June as advertised, "dumbed down," or not at all, time will tell.  Otherwise, life goes on.


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