I can not seem to be able to update ver. 1.60,1.61 software to my Legacy Base / Cab2 and Remote, I am using an HP ProBook Laptop with Windows 10 Pro 64 OS, keep getting error messages " Base not detected, "Status: Error, no respond from Base when I try to Make Cab or Base to the black read/write memory module. I am using the supply black 'Y" cable and follow the included instruction. I exhausted all possible connection methods i.e.. com 1 the serial cable, Key Span with usb ports, I've try every available com ports that available, slow speed the default fast speed but no results. Want to take the advantage of the new LCS technology. Both of my Legacy Base and Cab 2 is a ver. 1.52.

Any suggestions and help would much be appreciated

Patrick G 

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Just thinking out loud here I assume since it is a newer laptop your using a 9 pin serial to USB adapter, is it possible that the adapter is not working properly or the computer needs a diver software in order to understand the information from the adapter. I used one a long time ago for a different application and it came with a CD with the driver software on it. I have never gone this route to update legacy so I’m just guessing here. Use to use a old desktop that I loaded all the updates on that had a serial port until now I have a LCS WiFi model for my laptop that works flawlessly. 

I suspect it's either the serial port or the drivers in the machine.  The only other possibility is the command base has a serial port issue.  You could try taking the base to someone that has Legacy and a serial connection to see if it's the base or the computer.

When I updated mine earlier this year, it wasn't reading the port when I had plugged it in. After unplugging and plugging it back in a few times it registered. It could be as simple as that. Best to take things slow and see if your computer indicates it is plugged in to it, and you just have to change the port or such to whatever the utility is showing(as it defaults as none IIRC).

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