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I have two of the Legacy SD90Macs, Norfolk Southern models, #7245 (6-82760) and #7230 6-82759). Both are great engines and are basically identical - except that #7230’s engine noise is about HALF the volume of #7245’s!
The horns, crew talk, and bell sounds of both are of very equivalent volume. But the engine noise level difference is striking.
I’ve checked the volume knob (yep, fully cranked), speakers (no debris etc), but nothing makes a difference. If both are idling at the same time #7245 will easily drown out #7230. It’s bizarre.
One reason I bought #7230 was because I love the sounds of #7245, especially the engine sounds. But #7230 seems meek compared to #7245! Yet, the crew talk, bell, and whistle the same as #7245?
Why is this? I took videos of both and I’ll try to post them asap.

It sure has me puzzled…

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Doing it with TMCC or Legacy  from the manual

Remember most legacy supports Aux1 + volume  to adjust prime mover and background sounds.

Page 16 of manual

When adjusting the overall volume, you'll hear a single bell hit that gets louder or softer
with each volume adjustment. When the volume is at maximum, additional button presses
have no effect and won't play the bell. When adjusting the background sounds (AUX1, then a
volume key) you'll hear the prime mover volume change without a single bell hit

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