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Has anyone noticed that the bell doesn't work right under Legacy control for the Lionel 6-84948 Pennsylvania LEGACY H-10 #1288?

I was running this with the CAB2, and I couldn't get the bell to continuously ring, only do a few beats and stop.  I tried two CAB2 remotes, same behavior.  Now the really odd part.  I tried the CAB1L, and no sweat, the bell rings continuously!  OK, something odd about this engine.  I tried ANOTHER identical 6-84948 and it has the same problem! As a control test, I tried several other Legacy locomotives, the bells work as they should.

So, it's not the Legacy control system, but rather something programmed wrong in the RCMC for this model!  I wonder if any of the other H10 models from the 2018 catalog have the same issue?  Has anyone else noticed this little peccadillo?

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No issues with mine. A quick push and release of the bell slider yields a short swing. Holding the slider up for 2 seconds or so makes the bell swing continuously.

I always figured that was how Lionel handled the "single bell hit" Legacy feature with the swinging bell.

Maybe the cab1L can't access the single bell hit?


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I honestly can't say it developed over time.  Since two identical models do it, I'd have to say I just didn't notice it when I got them.  I would have sworn that I had used the bell on one of these...

These happen to be both mine.  I bought the second one second hand because I got a great deal, and I figured I'd either renumber it or sell it.  I just noticed that I couldn't keep the bell working, but only with Legacy and it works fine with TMCC.  I'm guessing this is an RCMC programming issue, can't think of any other thing that could do something this selective!

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