I want to be able to use two Legacy cab 2 remotes on my layout so more than one person can run trains. What do I need to get? Thanks Nick

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Just the 993 expansion set. You can add as many remotes as you like as long as you only have 1 990 base connected to the layout .

I.e. friends can bring their handhelds over. They will automatically pick up the locos stored in your base.

The 993 is merely a charging station. It has no control capability.

I believe the only stipulations are the remote(s) and base need to have the same software version loaded, and be on the same channel, which is selectable.

On a side note. You can use the handheld from a second 990, just not the base.

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Me too, the #990 gets the remote very warm when recharging, the #993 doesn't have all the extra circuitry in it that heats up the remote.

I do have a spare #990 in the closet, and I occasionally rotate them so I know they're both functional.

My spare has poor comm to the CAB2. I did Lionel “Talk To Us” a few weeks ago but no response yet. Just did it again, maybe I need to call.

They don’t read or at least respond to the email. What’s with that?


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