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Hello. I’m new to the forum, and if this has been addressed somewhere else, I apologize I couldn’t find it. Will try to make this brief.
I was given a Base/cab2 system that was my granddads. He didn’t use it very much, and it was still loaded with V1.0 on the base and handheld. It worked fine, and all the functions operated my two legacy diesels. I contacted Lionel to have the software updated and they did it for free. (Very happy about that). I got it back today, and now when it is set to legacy mode for my diesels, certain functions cause the engine to stop moving, and the headlight to flicker. In particular it is the smoke function, the cab light function, the rule 17 function, and the ditch light function. It doesn’t matter if you turn it on or off, the function doesn’t operate, and the and the engine stops responding to forward or reverse movement commands. All other functions don’t cause the problem. If I don’t press any of the listed functions, the engine will run fine. If I place the cab2 in TMCC mode, the smoke function works, but it’s the only one available in TMCC and Legacy. I have tested this on a 4 ft piece of track with the base plugged straight into a grounded outlet. It does this on all 3 of my diesels, that are all legacy. I have also reconnected my base/cab1 and it functions fine. If anyone has some info I would be grateful. Is it the base not taking the function commands correctly, or the handheld not sending the correct command? Just bumfuzzled. Thanks.

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What is the software version on the Base AND the Cab2 handheld?

Are the batteries in the Cab2 charged (or fresh non-chargeable)?

The track signal commands to your locos originate from the Cab2 and are broadcast by the Base.

The flickering headlight would indicate a poor track signal reception due to a bad ground or a failing Base.  Is the outlet really properly grounded (use a outlet tester from you local hardware store to test)?

If the outlet ground is OK, a method to measure the track signal strength is described in this thread.

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Version is 1.72 on cab2 and 1.6 on base Yes, fresh AA batteries. This was tested on 4ft of cleaned track, good ground on outlet (yes, tested with plug tester).  Flickering headlight starts AFTER trying to use the functions that will not operate. Headlight works fine and loco moves until using those. Then flickering stops when base is unplugged and plugged back in. It’s not a track signal strength issue or ground issue. Those are the first things I checked.

I agree GunRunnerJohn. Just thankful they’re willing to do it at their expense.  Richie, I actually cleared all my engines, set them up manually and put them back under different road numbers….same result. My hope is it’s NOT the base, with something that is no longer serviced.  Fingers crossed.

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