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@jpepe3691 posted:

Has anyone opened up the Legacy 990 Base to replace the side bulbs?  One side is out, but the other goes on if I tap on the base.  If so, what bulb or LED would the replacement be??

Send it back to Lionel for proper warranty repair.

Lionel is STILL repairing these under original warranty. This topic gets covered all the time.

Contact them and get an RMA

It's an LED not a bulb. It being intermittent is not a good indication and again also some of the LEDs are controlled by the logic- so intermittent could indicate a cracked solder joint or other problem.

As long as Lionel keeps fixing these- doesn't make sense for you to go down this road of DIY repair.

Even more recent (2023) and yes, CAB2 Legacy Base covered and repaired THIS MONTH.

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