Hi all. Im selling the following items as I am trying to move my collection more to the steam era. Im open to trades and reasonable offers. Paypal or checks work for payment. Shipping is extra. My email is in my profile. I Thanks for looking!

Lionel Engines

6-85315 Spirit of Union Pacific SD70AH, box, low runtime- $375

6-28261 Union Pacific MoPac Heritage SD70ACe, box- $475

Lionel 6-38402 Amtrak HHP8 with TMCC- Pantographs broken, engine works flawlessly- $100

MTH Engines
20-2450-1 and -3 Conrail SD60M Proto 2 pair. Powered and Nonpowered, boxes- $375
20-2822-1 BNSF ES44DC Proto 2, box- $300
20-20450-1 Conrail SD70MAC Proto 3, box- $325
20-20684-1 Norfolk Southern Training First Responders GP38-2 with Safety Train Boxcar, Flat Car, and Three Tank Cars, boxes for all, a few minor scratches on some of the freight cars- $600
20-2949-3 CSX Dash 8 Dummy (No Box)- $80
Passenger Cars
MTH 20-6598 Union Pacific 5 Car Passenger Set, box- $260
MTH 20-6698 Union Pacific 2 car sleeper/diner pack, box- $70
Both UP passenger cars for $300
Atlas 20011160-1 Milwaukee Road 60' Coach- $50
K Line 7 Car Circus Train- 1 Animal car, 2 Advertising  cars, 1 shop car, 2 coaches, 1 heavyweight observation car. A few nicks on some of the cars, overall great condition, boxes- $650
Rolling Stock
MTH 20-90838 A&B 5 Car Twin Stack Set w/ Canadian Tire Containers (Missing one ladder)- $240
Lionel UTLX 3 Pack 30,000 Gallon Tank Car, A few minor scratches and broken details. All could be fixed with some black paint and superglue. Box- $90
Lionel Morton Salt Covered Hopper (No Boxes)- $30 (2 Available)
Lionel Pillsbury Covered Hopper (No box)- $30
Lionel MoPac Heritage Cylindrical Hopper, box- $50
MTH Railking Caterpillar Boxcar (No Box)- $15
MTH Caterpillar Flat Car w/ 2 Semi Fronts (One semi has a paint smudge), box- $45
MTH Caterpillar Flat Car with Die Cast Trailer, box- $50
Atlas BNSF Covered Hopper (Professionally Weathered and Graffitied), box- $50
MTH Norfolk Southern Track Flatcar, box- $45
Weaver Tropicana 8 Car Set, 7 white, 1 orange, two repeat white cars, a few minor scratches, box- $310


"Passing the torch to the next generation of railroaders, one whistle toot at a time"

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