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Are you in sequence mode?

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LEGACY RailSounds Sequence Control
Your LEGACY-equipped locomotive features Sequence Control. Based on the movement and
speed of the locomotive, Sequence Control automatically plays the sound effects of an entire trip,
from departure to destination, while you run your locomotive. Prototypical horn signals, bell, and
radio chatter are added automatically as you spin your throttle—no need to memorize a sequence of
button presses.
To activate the Sequence Control feature, press and hold the AUX1 button for three
seconds. You'll hear a unique bell/horn signal, indicating that Sequence Control is now
enabled. Release the AUX1 key when you hear the sound.
Now, radio chatter, air brake release, and warning signals will play automatically as you
move out, reach cruising speed, and then decelerate for arrival, as illustrated in Figure 9. Plus,
you can still activate CrewTalk announcements using your remote.
To discontinue Sequence Control, you must tap AUX1, and then tap the 0 key or the
RESET button. Cycling track power off and back on also turns off Sequence Control mode.

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