Hello all. Here is my situation i hope i can get some help with. My track is powered by Lionel 180w powerhouse, I have MTH DCS TIU with Lionel Cab-2 remote, ( serial interface cable, track signal to negative ect) I run both MTH, TMCC and Legacy no problems  I recently finally dug out my  AA NYC E8 set. Previously i ran this on conventional loop just to test when i got it. I Programed to Cab2 remote set to Legacy control Legacy RS ect. Engine and dummy run fine however when i shut the engine down (crew says good night) the number boards stay lit in both units until i power down the track. Remove 9v battery with same results. Is this normal? Only other Legacy engine I run is the Burlington Zephyr however it doesn’t have lit number boards. just the car lights stay on normal. I know TMCC cab lights stay on the steam engines which is normal for the K Line and Lionel because hardwired to track. are the number boards hardwired on legacy?  

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Many of the Legacy units have number boards powered directly from track power.  AAMOF, I believe most of the newer stuff does.  I know a bunch of my new Legacy diesel and steam all leave them on.

Thank you John. Love the operation of Legacy but lightning has a lot to be desired. would at least be nice to have the engine idle without cab lights full on. At least DCS has more lighting control. In this day and age i really see no reason Lionel can’t provide this simple feature. 

On a couple of my MTH E8s i relocated the classification lights (don’t use them anyway) to the “engine compartment” for engine startup and “maintenance” operations. It’s nice to simulate more realistic lighting. 

Just started the NYC E8, I came across the cab light on off. Since it’s a MU (lash up) i hit the TR button and got a different menu i did not see previously. Great to know. Useful if i want the train idling taking on passengers ect. however it defaults back to rule 17 once you get it moving and return to stop. O well.

Actually, Rule-17 applies to the headlight being dimmed when stopped.  The cab light is simply controlled by the train crew.  Of course, in the case of Legacy, it's the automated train crew.

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