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Finally got the legacy system yesterday. Everything was working great until I hit a few too many buttons today (oops!).

I can't seem to turn off the cab light now and the headlight does not get brighter when starting to move as it did before.

The engine: Lionel PRR 460 (6-11224)

Running V1.60 Legacy on the remote and base.

Any help is appreciated! As mentioned, I am brand new to Legacy.

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Try a reset from the manual.

Thank you GRJ, I appreciate the response! I had tried it before posting here with no success.

I did manage to solve the issue by clearing the engine data in the remote THEN doing the factory reset as shown above. Also, I switched the engine ID (not sure if that did anything in the grand scheme of things).

It's possible that I set the engine into CAB1 the first time I did the factory reset which is why I didn't have success with it.

Note: this is why I majored in electrical engineering and not computer science (although the two seem to be overlapping more and more... but that's a conversation for a different time and place).

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