I have a NYC Legacy GP35 (6-38525) that when I first apply track power it will start up, with full smoke and sounds but will NOT respond to the Cab-2 commands. I have not addressed the engine with the Cab-2.  I can do a reset and the engine will work fine with the Cab-2.  Power down the track and start up later - the problem comes back. Any hints as to what I should be looking at?  Thanks in Advance.

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I myself haven't run into this issue. First thing I would check that the black post is connected to the outer rail of your layout, or the black post of your transformer.

Do you have any other Legacy items in your collection? If you do, check to see if the same problem is happening with your other Legacy items as well. Since that will be a big help in troubleshooting the problem.

If you are having the same symptoms with your other Legacy items and the black post checks out. It could be down to poor connections on your layout or your Legacy system has a problem.

Best of luck to you!

This locomotives uses the RCMC integrated board.  However, there is a small TMCC receiver perched on top of the main RCMC board, that may have become loose in it's pins, a common issue.  GENTLY seat it into the pins on the RCMC with the emphasis on GENTLY.

John and John - Reseated the small board - Changed engine ID - Cleaned rollers - Works for a bit.  Shut layout down and then power up later - problem returns.  Any other ideas ?  Thanks for the initial advice.  Other Legacy engines work fine

Examine the small TMCC receiver very closely.  I've had a couple that had broken pins.  Other than that, the TMCC receiver may simply be defective.  Of course, it is also possible that the RCMC main board is bad.

Hi John - Checked pins - Reseated board - Everything looks solid.  Problem still there.  Have no other spare boards to try and Lionel service is out of commission until July.  So engine will have to sit idle.  Thanks for everything.

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