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Our club has an O layout with Legacy base, etc.

We also have a S layout with two Legacy engines. 6-42548. We do not have any tmcc or Legacy bases hooked up.

If the O is turned on first, it blocks the S layout. If we turn on the S first, which is conventional,  it is ok.

Would changing the frequency of the Legacy help? Would plugging the base directly into the wall outlet help?

Thank you

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Is there something about the nature of the TMCC signal that would let us figure out a way to block it?  I don't know a lot about tmcc... I think the engines have an antenna... can that be disconnected?   If need be, they could be reconnected.

There's not a problem with starting the S layout first, but if there is a problem on the S layout, we'd have to shut down our large O layout, just to get the S layout back to working conventionally?

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Rick, I don't have it here but I thought the wall wart didn't have a ground pin... I'll look!  The wall wart plugs into the TMCC with a co-axial plug I think it's only 2 conductor.  EDIT: looks like the Legacy base has a grounding wall wart... but we need THAT to keep the O gauge layout working well on Legacy.

GRJ... that will work on a 2 rail S layout?  Just ground one rail?  Seems like the TMCC signal is traveling around the room on the building ground wire... wouldn't grounding one side boost the signal?

Obviously, I have no expertise in tmcc/legacy...

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John's grounding solution will work on a 2 rail S gauge layout without reverse loops. Just make sure the Base Posts of all transformers are "in phase" and then ground them. With reverse loops make sure the only ground connection is from the transformer Base Post, no connections from the track feeders since some of those feeders will be wired through the reverse loop controllers.

John, yes, I have 5 reversing loops on my AC powered, Legacy operated S gauge layout. Works perfect with the addition of your Buffer/amplifier. I have .1mfd capacitors between the two rails in each block to put the Legacy signal on both rails for better reception. As we discussed before, this would kill a DCS signal, but in S gauge that does not matter. The .1mfd cap to ground will definitely work for a non-Legacy layout to kill the Legacy signal.

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