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I have a Lionel 6-82285, SP SD40-2 #8402.

Today I had it on my bench for oil and grease.  As I was running it in I noticed that the large (steam locomotive) light on either end do not light.  while I have had this locomotive for a few years I never noticed these lights.  Looking at it closely, I see it has a red lens and appears to have a bulb behind it.  Looking at the manual, I see nothing about turning these lights on or off.

Are they supposed to light?

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@Danr posted:

I guess something is wrong, I tried pressing emergency all that happed was that the locomotive stoppod.

I have had this locomotive for a few years and never noticed, so, I guess, it is not important.

Thanks, Frank.

Not the discrete red "Emergency Triangle Button" but the one on the numerical keypad.

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