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Trying to run my Legacy 2-6-6-2 Mallet today and its running erratically.  Constantly stopping and I noticed the cab light in the engine is blinking. Looked in the engine manual and the Legacy booklet with no description of the issue. BTW when it does run all functions work. I shut it down until I can get a handle on the issue. 

Appreciate any insight here to trouble shooting this and a possible remedy. 

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There should be a list of codes on the last page of the manual:

Number of Blinks        Diagnostic Code Description

            1                              Main drive motor stalled.

            2                              Smoke 1 element problem.

            3                              Smoke 1 fan problem.

            4                              Not applicable.

            5                               Not applicable.


Since it is stopping, I suspect its flashing 1 blink consecutively indicating a motor driver stall.

Various things can cause it to stall. I'd start with the easy stuff. Are the track and pickup rollers clean?  even if it doesn't "look" dirty it could still be an issue.

Check to make sure the traction tires are not rubbing the brake shoe detail. If so, loosen the brake shoe and rotate it away from the driver and retighten.

GunrunnerJohn should be along shortly with more ideas.

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Rick, John  thanks for chiming in here. I now see it in the manual.   The product number of the engine is 6-11321

My first inclination was dirt and I cleaned the wheels and pick up rollers.

Its strange,  I went to the layout to count the # of blinks and it  was 4.   I shut it down for a minute then restarted it just to double check I counted the blinks correctly. There were no blinks this time and the engine ran perfectly for a few minutes. I also turned off the smoke units ran a lap then turned on the main smoke unit ran a lap then turned on the Aux smoke, and both worked as expected. It ran for a another minute then just decided to come to a slow stop and was unresponsive.

Although it ran smooth I'll check on the brake shoes. Looks like need to remove the boiler and check the wiring and for any loose connections as well as making sure the motor and drive train are ok

any other leads from this update will be helpful




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