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20x40 around the wall layout.  In the middle of the room there are large filing cabinets so you cannot see from one end to the other, which is nice because it hides the fact that the trains are going in a circle.


What can I do to make sure Legacy remote (and cab1) will always communicate with their bases.  I don't want to lose control during switching operations.

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You can have a very dependable LEGACY SYSTEM, if You Place the BASE CLOSE TO THE center of Your Layout. Also, Your System should have the 1.52 Upgrade, which means totally current. All wiring done properly with Center Rail, and Outside Rails, (common)

all connected to their perspective terminals...All transformers Phased right..After You have done this, Come back to the Forum with any Questions....Happy Railroading!

The Legacy will be less of a problem than the cab1. Get a Cab1L remote and you only need a Legacy base. Then it should work with the base near the layout in the center.Legacy and Cab1L are 2.4gHz to base(Wi-Fi) so a better signal.

You're kidding right?  Cab-1 to base transmission is 27 mHz (really long wave) and will essentially pass through anything (people, walls, obstructions).  Legacy's 2.4 gHz signal is MUCH more sensitive to such obstructions.  Legacy in my 28x52 layout room with the furnace/water heater/stairs enclosure in the center is a no-go.  Regular old TMCC with Cab-1's works flawlessly even with a room full of people.  In operating sessions we often have 12 to 14 operators with 8 or 9 Cab-1's working simultaneously. 



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