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Ok I have a brand new legacy base I bought ten or more years ago but never had the right controller so I never used it. Well you guys told me the controller I needed so I bought it. Now my problems is one of my engines does read read the signal good. It works fine on the cab1 system but not on the legacy base. It sits there and wants to jerk foward or backward depending on the direction mode it is inwhen it is atopped. What is going on? My other engine works OK. Oh the head light goes on and off also I notice. To me legacy acts like it dose not send as strong a signal as the trainmaster base. Any information you share would be apprstopped. Also I notice the engines seem to run a little smoother and respond better with the train master base compared to the legacy base. Thank you in advance for your help.

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Well, there is a known method to measure and compare TMCC/Legacy base transmit strength.


This is great information - Thank You!

I drew this schematic based on the description you provided (link) and wondered if I interpreted your description correctly. Please comment.

DaleM SignalStrengthTest

Thx -


Now, previously, we would have said contact Lionel support, they were still repairing Legacy 990 base and remote sets. I saw a recent forum post someone said they no longer fix the base, but I would not give up- still contact Lionel, it's worth a shot- worst they can say is no.

I am using the legacy base 1L I believe it is called. It is a long slender box with the cab1L remote. But I notice all of my engine lights flicker. I bought the command cab1L last week new. I am definitely stumped on what to. The original traimaster control stuff works great. I just thought I would up grade a little. Seems instead of moving I moved backwards.

Let's hold off on making that kind of judgement.

We haven't even yet proven or properly troubleshot the basics:

Example, for one thing, you clearly have not yet proven by simply measuring the base transmit strength at a voltage, comparing your old base to the new base.

Then we get into other topics- like I think you still own 2 bases, they both cannot be connected to the track and powered at the same time or else they can interfere.

Also, base transmit strength is tied to ensuring the power supply for the base is the correct type with ground and is correctly plugged into a grounded outlet.

I agree with Vernon, the exact symptom you describe is when a TMCC base and Legacy Base1-L are both plugged in at the same time.

I don't just mean not connected to the track.  The TMCC base must be unplugged as it can still send a signal without a wire to the track.  remember legacy signals to the engine are through the air, the track just acts as an antenna.

Well I ordered a new power wort (box) . Now my trains run great. The old that came with it said out put volts was 9 volts. The new one that came said 12volt out put. I thought this will blow 😮‍💨 up in my face.  But I was ready to give up on legacy. But everything seems to working fine. Thanks for all the input. The electronics makes the hobby a lot more interesting if I can just master them

Gunrunnerjohn, this aging thing sucks. I was so discouraged after what you said that I was putting back the trainmaster box to run all my trains in conventional mode and I turn my zw on it its side to wire it and just notice the common was on top not the bottom. I have been wiring everything backwards. I waste 🗑 more money on stupid mistakes. I really appreciate you commenting back to me. I highly respect your wealth of knowledge.  Sure don't want to go against your advice that's for sure.  Thanks again.

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