On August 31st I accidentally poured smoke fluid all over my Legacy remote and it appeared to work fine after I dried it up as much as I could after the accident. The remote did work fine for a few days, but Saturday night most of the touch screen buttons stopped responding to touch and today all of the touch screen buttons are not responding. There appears to be smoke fluid in between the back light and the clear plastic buttons, as well as smoke fluid in between the LCD and the backlight.

Here's a picture of the liquid ingress (best picture I could get):

liquid ingress

I have contacted Lionel about this situation on Saturday and I am waiting for a response back on sending the system in for service. Has anyone else had this happen and how much was the repair/service?


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Well you may get lucky and they won't charge you as these units seem to have an unlimited warranty BUT, since it was self inflicted they may have to charge you for the repair.  Not sure what the cost would be.

Just to be clear, there is no smoke unit in the Cab2. .  Let us know what Lionel says.  



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What you've done is likely damaged the Zebra Strip that joins the LCD panel to the circuit.  If smoke fluid got in there, nothing short of either cleaning and/or replacement is going to solve the connection issue.

Elastomeric connectors, aka Zebra Strips

I'd just send it back and see what they do with it.  It really wouldn't be a big deal to clean it out once you have it apart.

I did clean and dry it out once I got home on Friday (the day of the accident). But I did not go any further than drying the back of the PCB (with the back cover off), I took the 2 screws off that held the PCB in place, and once I saw all the ribbon cables that were connected to the PCB. I did not go any further and put the remote back together.

Update, I called the service center today and I got an RA. They told me around 6 - 7 weeks turn around time and around 100 dollars for the service.
I guess contacting them by Email is not very reliable, since I hadn't gotten a reply from them in over a week from my first E-mail.

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