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I have a Lionel Crescent Limited engine that has Legacy control.  Recently I have noted that when I turn my track power on the engine seems to start up with lights and sounds before I even start it up with my controller.  All my other Legacy engines behave appropriately, and do not start up until I address the engine with my controller.

Now despite the fact that it "seems" to start up, when I try to shut it down or move it with my controller, it does not respond.  I have pushed the reset button on the controller, but the engine does not respond.  Even the horn or the bell does not function.

Now sometimes I can get the engine to start correctly by fiddeling with the transformer handle; when it starts correctly, then I can run the engine and everything works.

It seems that the engine is not adequately receiving the signal when I turn on the track power.

What can be done???



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Is the behavior the same on other areas of the your layout.  The issue I had with my earlier layout was that when the engine did not receive a complete TMCC/legacy signal, the engine will stop and its headlight will blink.    If the engine does not see the signal at all it will start up in conventional.  If I were in this situation, I would set up a test section of track and verify the integrity of the engine to be assured that the issue is the signal or the engine.  Good luck.

Starting another topic for the same issue and engine makes it hard to follow the progress of suggestions, possible solutions in 2 threads.  Is it possible to get one of them removed?

This is the same as this thread?

Engine Start Up

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