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I have a Lionel legacy B&M T1, item 6-11386 (circa 2013). The problem is even at full volume at the engine and the legacy remote, the chuffing gets drowned out by (Atlas nickel) track noise. Meanwhile the whistle is very loud. Is there an internal trim pot to balance the whistle with the chuffing? That is the one thing I miss on Lionel systems- no individual sound adjustments.


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Just to elaborate on what John said:

Pressing the Vol ^  or  Vol v raises and lowers the "overall volume" which includes the whistle.

Pressing AUX1- Vol^.. AUX1- VOL ^... and so on will raise the chuff and other background  steam sounds.  

AUX-1 VOL v ....AUX -1 VOL v.... lowers the background sounds

Remember, you must pres AUX1 first before each Volume up press or the volume control will revert back to overall sounds.

On a side note. I had the NYC version, and these do have a weaker chuff than most Legacy engines.

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