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I recently received an A-B-A set of F-3 demonstrators from Len.

(modeled after the F-7 demonstrator)

They are beautiful.

He used early Lionel F-3 units with the horizontal motors.

He cleaned, lubed, did a motor tune-up, and ensured they met factory specs.

They run like a dream.

He also installed his "master-sound" horn, which includes a second horn. Both horns are tuned to a different pitch creating a much more realistic sounding horn.

If you go to his web site you will see more information on the remarkably detailed painting.

I have looked at on-line at photos of the prototype and if anything, Lens looks better.


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From Len Carparelli:

Hi All,

First, a great big THANK YOU to all  for such kind words!

Now a bit of history on these locos :

A few years back,  my dear friend and wonderful client, long-time collector ALLAN MOORE of  Massachusstts said he was looking for a new set of custom painted F-3's to add to his already extensive diesel locomotive roster. I'd previously painted a bunch of rather obscure New England "fallen flag" railroads for him, who, like I suppose, most all of us - is big fan of his local area railroads.  Since we'd 'run the gamut' there,  he suggested something different - an Electro-Motive Division  GM "Demonstrator".

Now, over time EMD made quite a few 'Demonstrator' locos for F3s, F7s, et. al., and the one AL picked out - well, quite frankly - I really didn't like it!  So I asked AL if it would be all right if I looked further into it.

AL said sure - he was open to my ideas, and dealing with great guys like Al is what makes my work so thoroughly enjoyable!  I remembered that years ago I'd bought a copy of an old, 1971 [now out of print] publication called "Our GM Scrapbook" with, sure enough, the 'Demonstrator" - now affectionatly referred to as the "Dreamsicle" or "Creamsicle" train - right there on the cover, in living color!  I showed it to AL who gave me the go-ahead for an A-B-A set, and said he would be really interested to see what I do with this project! Needless to say, AL was quite happy with his finished locomotive, and, after displaying it at York, I'd gotten quite a few orders for it!

Now, in a blatantly irreverant and uncategorically shameless plug for my business, I'm still painting these and if you'd like one, just call or email me, all information is on my website, and I'll be most happy to work with you!

Be patient. I'm backlogged, so delivery times are now over 90 days.

Many thanks to all once again.  I am grateful and thankful that I can make my living doing what I love best - working with Lionel model trains - which, as we all know, is the greatest hobby in the world!

Be well, all, and enjoy the model trains we love so much!


Len Carparelli

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