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Hello All,

I would like to just give you all some news regarding me - as it's always better to hear it "from the source" rather than idle gossip.

I am well, I am fine. However, I do need to have prostate surgery to correct an enlarged prostate, which, as almost all you guys know, an enlarged prostate is a very common problem for fellows of, uh,  "our age".

Thankfully, there is no cancer, but the surgery is necessary to get me back to a normal routine. It's an out-patient procedure, called 'Green Light Laser' with recovery time being minimal. I'm told I will be able to return to work within a week following the procedure. The procedure will be done in a surgical center, not a hospital, to avoid contact with COVID-19 patients.  Because of this,I've been sidelined for a bit from working, so orders are backing up.

Have no fear-  all orders will be delivered. I've also taken the opportunity to post this here, because, of all things, my Web Master has told me my website has been hacked! Last thing in the world I need right now. So if you try to visit "L & L Restoration" you're gonna get a screen that says "Account Suspended". It's not. It's just temporarily taken down until the web host can get the bugs out of it. Since it's the weekend, he can't get any info out of anyone till Monday. Hopefully it'll be back up sooner rather than later.

Please- don't listen to any rumors you may have heard.  I'm NOT going out of business; I'm NOT on my "last legs;" I can't WAIT to get back to work, and my doctor says I'm an extremely healthy man and will live a good long life once this problem has been remedied; and after that I intend to spend most of my waking hours working on trains! - Particularly since I won't have to spend so much time going to the bathroom! LOL!

I thank all my clients  and friends for their kindness and patience. Once my website is back up and running I'll post more updates and info there.

Thanks once again to all my train buddies, and also, to the "O" Gauge forum for giving us all this great platform to communicate with our fellow train pals!

Be well and stay safe, all.


Len Carparelli

L & L Model Train Restoration Co,

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Len, as another very well satisfied customer, thank you for what you contribute so well to our mutual interests.  Best of care for you and prayers for a speedy recovery.  Great news it is not cancerous and you have such a good prognosis.  Take care and look forward to sending more items your way for an "upgrade"......

Jesse   TCA

Hello all,

THANK YOU all so much for the well wishes! Here is my latest update:

My website is back up and running! At last ! All the 'bugs" have been worked out, thankfully.  I've posted some updates there, as well. Just click on '' to visit.

The short story is that I have been approved for needed prostate surgery and am just waiting to be scheduled for the operation. Because of the COVID-19, the procedure will be done in a surgical center NOT a hospital to avoid further spread of COVID -19 - which I am grateful for. Once scheduled, the procedure is out-patient and full recovery in about a week or less. AT which time I'll be back at work, and, hopefully, during my breaks, doing "you-know-what" like a race horse!

Seriously, once back, I'll be putting in a lot of overtime to get all orders completed as soon as possible. 

Thank you once again to my train buddies, for your kindness, and patience. I'll post again once the surgery's been completed and I'm "back at the throttle!"


All the best to everyone, and stay safe!!




Full recovery in a week or less? Maybe.

I had Greenlight on May 5th. The first two weeks of recovery were brutal, but the third week was better. Be prepared to take it easy a lot more than just jumping back to work. Everyone is different and heals differently, but don't get too optimistic.

Yes it is a medical miracle. Yes it is a great advance in modern medicine. Both of my doctors told me to essentially quit complaining about it. But just beware.

And yes, I can write my name in the snow across the street.

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Hi all!


Like all of us, I sure miss all my train buddies and the train meets, but I want to thank everyone for the well wishes and kind words during my illness!  I'm officially back at work full-time now, 6 days a week, I take Sundays off.  All is well, [finally!] and I hope it stays that way! First order of business-  catching up on my deluge of back orders. Please bear with me, and feel free to call, write or e-mail anytime 

Thanks again and be  well, stay safe  everyone!


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