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I have one at the entrance to my yard and it works great, no issue with various diesels, Mikado's, Mountains and Berkshires.  I bought the manual one and powered it with tortoise machines.  I even back long trains through it into the yard without issue.  The only thing that could be an issue is close coupled 85' passenger cars but I haven't tried them.  You can see it in the background of this picture.IMG_5804


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@Miketg posted:

Tom, have you tried ETS Schweickhardt in Germany, They are great at shipping overseas and what you pay in postage is usually made up in VAT reduction.


While I've had success with them in the past, and can also highly recommend Modellbahnshop-Lippe, neither of them show the double slips available on their websites.  I believe the reason for this is that Lenz has and is replacing their Chinese track vendor with Peco in the UK -- imagine that ! -- and this product [ which has an -01 suffix to the p/n ] is still in the queue.  Peco of course already make great Code 148 track, though with a very limited range.

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The SLE790BH is the existing code 124 bullhead rail turnout.  Peco is redesigning the Lenz #5 double slip to use Peco's code 143 flat bottom rail and improve manufacturability.   Bernd Lenz told me this was going to happen 4-5 years ago as the Kader plant that made his and Atlas' track shut out everyone but Bachmann.   As with all things model railroad it took longer to get a new supplier (and STILL not in production) than anyone thought.

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Thanks for the detail Jim.. I could have used the bullhead with level shimming, it's just the frog degree that is a no go.

I do have to say that Peco slip switch is a sweet looking item.  Looks better than the Lenz from what I can see.

As far as not being able to forge ahead with a pair of Lenz slips, I am rerouting my industrial area access with a 4' X 10' long eyebrow shaped module extension featuring it's own runaround which will make it a free standing switching  complex connected to but not dependent upon the station tracks.

These type of questions sure do stir up a lot of information!  Thanks all for the input.

BTW, I need to give an Honorable Mention Award to Steinzeit.  He contacted me off line with a very generous offer.  A real thoughtful forumite!   Thank you Steinzeit!

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