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An UPDATE from July 2015 when this thread stated....a few additions. Always liked the New Haven EP-5 after having seen hundreds of them whiz by on the New Haven main line......


Always partial to my 1st Lionel set from 1958


A recent addition is this DL&W TrainMaster......$50 at a local show and it runs smooth and pulls like a monster.


Lastly, always partial to the 2046/646 small Hudson....a great machine.....good and reliable puller and well proportioned....




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Just a sneak peek of what I have in my fleet. Unfortunately I don't have a photo of my 1625 or 1665... my collection is all in storage awaiting for me to purchase a house where I can have real fun vs pulling 1 or 2 trains out for the Christmas tree.

I paid very cheap for the 2341 from a fellow parishioner from church who was planning on selling his collection.

I also paid cheap for the black 2332 as it was a rebuild project.


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@OKHIKER posted:

I love all my post-war engines in particular my 773’s and my stable of Berkies but the one engine I always drooled over since 1958 has been the Lionel 746  Norfolk & Western 4-8-4 J class Northern pictured below.  To me it’s the personification of exquisite. EC35C164-C7AD-495F-BE81-41F92CE7D1A4

In the movie "The World, The Flesh and The Devil" has a great scene with a Lionel 746 set. Here's a link

Lionel 746

If this thread isn't limited to Lionel, this is my favorite... It's a Thomas Industries 4-4-0 from some time in the 50s. I really like the blued steel boiler and firebox, which gives it a very nice appearance. It's a good runner, with a worm drive, a Pittman motor, and Thomas' own reverse unit design. Its construction is much more akin to kit-built locomotives, with a sheet metal boiler, and a motor and drivers than can be removed easily. This particular one is completely original, except it's missing the correct tender trucks, and the steam dome top and whistle are missing.



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